The Chassidic world of Tully Filmus

American Artist – May 1978 

The article presents the unique art of painter Tully Filmus. His works portray ethnic scenes with characters busy in activities relevant to their daily lives and cultural heritage, much alike the atmosphere of “Fiddler on the Roof.” The artist’s paintings reflect the charming personality of the Chassidic Jew, whose joyous spirit radiates in their daily rituals.

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The Lithography of Louis Lozowick

American Artist – November 1973 

The article focuses on Russian painter and printmaker Louis Lozowick. Being a true artist, Lozowick’s devotion and dignity is manifested through his paintings and considers following the rules of artistic value to create excellent drawings. It talks about Lozowick’s art education from New York, France and Germany, his various exhibitions in the U.S. and how he started liking lithography. It also discusses Lozowick’s approach where he begins his drawings directly from nature using his imagination.

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The Figure paintings of Stuart Kaufman

American Artist – April, 1972


The article features artist Stuart Kaufman and his figure paintings. It discusses how Kaufman prepares his canvas before painting, including the preparation for the primer paint. The colors as well as their set up in his palette are also discussed, which includes such colors as cadmium yellow pale, cadmium red light and cadmium red medium. Kaufman names Frank J. Reilly and Frank Vincent du Mond as his influences in his art.

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